[Review] The best spa experience at Buddha Grove Spa

On my last post, I confessed that I had been totally obsessed with deal websites - I check them everyday and buy whatever I need from these websites [that, or something that is worth trying for me].

Anyway, one of those deals that I just got was from Groupon Philippines [www.beeconomic.com.ph], it's 60% off for a Lulur Body Scrub, Milk & Honey Wrap & 1 Hour Swedish Massage [total of 2 1/2 hours], for only P720, valid for three months.

I immediately bought two vouchers - one originally for me, and my mom. But looks like I'll use both [more on that later]. I don't really have a date in mind to use it, but after a recent trip to Sagada, my bones and muscles felt really sore as ever, so I called and set an appointment for April 30th, Saturday.

I turned up 20 minutes before my session and they immediately accommodated me [even though they are still not open]. I sat down and wrote down my personal information, and whilst waiting for my room to be fixed, I read a book. I love the colour of the sofa - it's purple! And the music!

once in my room, I noticed that there was plastic on my massage bed. And we started on with the body scrub by Lyn. Hmmm.. relaxing. It's like I'm being massaged as well as being scrubbed clean! After the wash-up/hot towel, now came the milk & manuka wrap. Oh.My.God. I love the smell of manuka! It's one of my favourite in the entire world and I am sooo in love with the wrap. I can't wait for my second session to try it again! Anyway, once I was wrapped up in the plastic, like a burrito, I relaxed for around 20 minutes. Errr... not. I'm not the type of girl who can try to shut out everything and just let go, but I really, really tried! At the start, at the back of my mind, I was screaming to myself, read something! Do Something! But obviously that wouldn't be relaxing, would it?

After the wrap, I was asked to take a shower [but I smell soo good!] and was a bit shocked at first when I saw that the water to be washed off me is coloured yellow! Turns out it's just the wrap! ha ha! I loooove the smell, did I say that before? Well, let me say that again! It's heavenly!

After the shower, I was led back to my room for my hour-long Shiatsu massage. This, I also loved. Yet, my attendant, asked me what kind of pressure I wanted. I said, hard, of course.
And I felt soooo relaxed after! They even gave me hot chamomile tea to relax and a few minutes to stay in the room and rest.

I was then escorted to the reception area after, where I got to write a little note on the guest list, and was asked how my treatment was. I said, it was excellent! And yes, I will definitely be back! I was provided with an evaluation form, which I can fill out and give back on my next visit for 10% off on other services [which I will definitely use when I bring my mum for a massage session].

So, that concludes my first spa experience ever. Will I be back? Yes, definitely. However, I won't consider this to be a monthly thing [it will be too expensive ha ha]. I guess I will just totally consider going to the spa after a trip that had exhausted me or after a particularly stressful time at work.

What do I think about the facilities of Buddha Grove? It's brilliant -it's just a new spa so technically everything is new. It's really clean too. The attendants are excellently trained and are very professional - you'll definitely learn how to trust them - they definitely know what they are doing! They are also very attentive - something that I absolutely love.

I've only tried the services I've mentioned above, but maybe I'll try the stone therapy some time. Honestly, I feel that some of the other services are a wee bit too expensive for my budget, but maybe if there's another groupon deal I'll jump at a chance to try some more!


I've been on hiatus in this blog for the longest time, but I realized I need to resurrect this for my personal stuff. One that doesn't fit in to the travel or book category!

One thing that's kept me preoccupied this whole time: GROUP BUYING.

I love it! I live in the Philippines and there's numerous deal websites that I can't help but check everyday.


I've recently gotten a few deals recently, mainly: a spa treatment for myself and mum somewhere in Alabang, laser treatments in Alabang [went to my first session already and it was good - positive results but I've yet to consume the other 3 vouchers I got], a trip to Corregidor for two for more than 50% off [which I will avail of this Sunday].

From sweets/pastries, to spas, beauty treatments, and travel, anything under the sun!

I LOVE THEM. It gives me a chance to see and experience several things that I would never actually attempt to do because they are just so expensive.

Plus the time limit to availing the deal scrambles my brain into thinking that I need to buy it now! Oh well.

So far, I've availed of IMAX tickets at 50% off, half a dozen Chewy Jr cream puffs, and a laser session.

Will I buy more deals? Definitely! Will I keep checking these websites daily? YES!

So, what have you been up to lately?

The Piso Fare Experience.

Everyone in the Philippines knows about the Piso or Zero Fare Promo of Cebu Pacific.
It is a much awaited sale because the prices are really, really cheap!
So, when they posted that they will have a sale today, I was happy. It was to Domestic destinations only within the PH but nevertheless, a sale is a sale, and traveling is traveling. I can't resist missing out on new destinations!

I had a chat with my mum the night before the sale June 10th, and she said she was game for it!

And since I was too sleepy and can't wait until 12mn, I decided to wait until today to try my luck and book a ticket for myself and for my mum.

Lo and behold, I was one of the few lucky ones to nab a seat to Davao for travel on January 2011.

Only problem? I wasn't able to book for my mum! When I tried to book again, it was all sold out!

And so I'd wait for another domestic sale to book a seat for my mum. This is my second time in Davao, and my mum's first so I'd act as her tour guide. Woot Woot.

I can't wait for an international piso fare! I have a list of places I want to go to, with priorities and possible travel dates! I was also lucky enough to nab a piso fare for Macau this July. I booked it last October 2009, just in case you want to know, for a roundtrip total of P933. Whee! On to new adventures ahead!

Thank you CebuPac for giving us a chance to see the world for a fraction of what it would normally cost.

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